Dates Desserts... Healthy + Tasty and Easy

500 gram dates
Two Table Spoons ghee
Regular biscuits : 10 to 12
Crusted coconut 100 grams
Chocolate syrup

👉 First remove the dates's seed and make paste in blender or mixture.
👉 Now take a pan on medium flame and add ghee. After one two minutes add dates paste in the ghee. Heat them together with stirring until the dates became medium creamy. Also mix very well with ghee.

👉 Now take it out in any mess. Make small round shape like a biscuit. But more thick (like two-three biscuits) than biscuit. After make one round shape put the biscuit on it. Make again a round shape and put on that biscuit. Now put biscuit again and then the dates round shape. You can make your own layers of it. Then sprinkle crusted coconut all sides.

👉 Do the same way with all those paste and biscuits. After finished all of it rest for 2-3 hours or after resting 30 minutes in room temperature, refrigerate for one hour. Then garnish with chocolate syrup or melted chocolate.
Its ready to serve... Enjoy....