Oreo Milk Shake
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@nikonindiaofficial D500 & 50mm 1.8G Prime
@godoxindia Light, Manual mode, Auto WB
| 50MM | ss 1/200  | F/2 | iso 100 |
My recipe 👉 www.fulfilledfood.com
👉 Take 10 oreo biscuit, leave two for garnish on top. And others eight biscuits used for make shake. 

👉 Take a mixer jaar and add eight oreo biscuits, sugar as taste, two scoop of white ice-cream, 1 cup of milk and 1/3 cup of chocolate moulds. Gliding well and put in glass.
👉 Top of the glass add ice-cream scoop, oreo biscuit and sprinkle chocolate crumbs. Its ready....
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