Fall in love with Apple 🍎🍏 Barfi : Delicious + Yummy Desserts Food

🍏🍎 Two Apple (Chopped or Grated)
One cup of sugar
One cup of Grated Coconut
1 Table Spoon Refined oil
2 Table Spoon water
Few Chopped or Grated almonds, cashew and pistachios

Metho ¬
👉 First take a pan on medium flame and add sugar and coconut. Bake for 5-6 minutes with stirring. Now add two table spoon of water and bake continuously on medium flame with stirring. After three four minutes add grated or Chopped apple.

👉 Now bake until the mixer get well thickness abd texture. Around 15-17 minutes on medium flame. Don't forget to stir between few few minutes otherwise its should be burnt.

👉 After well baked take out in a plate. But don't forget to greased the plate with one spoon of oil. Its help to separate the mixer from plate. Now spread equally in plate and spread grated dryfruits then rest it for 10-15 minutes. Then refrigerate for five to six hours and its ready to serve.