Dryfruits Saata (Khaja) Popular Gujarati Sweets 

This is the sweets that i love in my childhood and yet i loved it. Its one of my favorite Gujarati sweets. I miss it and i Prepare it for my snacks and breakfast.

Khajali - (Readymade)
Sugar 1 cup for 7 Pieces
Water 1 cup
Chopped dryfruits

👉  For prepare Sugar syrup firstly boiled out water and add the sugar in it. You can maintain Sugar as your sweetness taste.
👉 After the Sugar Syrup is ready fastly Soak the Khajali (Raw Saata) one by one in Syrup for 10-15 seconds and take out from it and sprinkle dryfruits. Do the same with all the Khajali to made them sweet.
Give the rest of 8-10 minutes and they are ready to serve.

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