Crunchy Yummy Indian popular Chakari
Easy and price less food that feel woww.. The Crunchy Chakari is one of popular Indian food, that mostly use in breakfast, snacks and also in lunch or dinner.
Wheat flour as your requirements ( i had used 1+1/2 Cups)
3 table spoon corn flour
3 table spoon sesame seeds
300-400 ml refined oil (for fry)
Water as required

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👉 First we have to make a very perfect dough. For that we take Wheat flour in a bowl and add Corn flour and sesame seeds. Now slowly with stirring add water to make perfect dough. The dough was neither much thinner nor thicker. Its thick as its can come out from very small hole.

👉 After made dough, we put the refined oil to fry out Chakari. During the oil got heating, we make medium long round shape piece of the dough that can perfectly comes in Chakari machine. After oil has well heating, start to make and fried Chakari in the oil. Fried until its comes out golden brown then drain out from oil and take in a mess or plate.

👉After 10 minutes of rest in plate its comes so crunchy and tasty. Its ready to serve with tomato sauce or yogurt. Thanks so much for visit... IF YOU LIKE THE RECIPE KINDLY FEEL FREE TO SHARE AND FOLLOW ON SOCIAL PLATFORM...🙏