Yummy Pasta mixie with vegetables, Try this different types taste of pasta with noodles and vegetables that makes your dinner delicious.......
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Ingredients :-
1 cup pasta
1/2 cup noodles
3 table spoon Oil
2 piece Crushed Capsicum /Green chillies
1 piece Crushed Tomatoes
Some leafs of Curry
1 table spoon mustard sauce
1 table spoon Masala
(masala- salt, red chiili powder, turmeric powder, black mustered seed, cumin seeds, garam masala)

:: METHOD  ::
First boil pasta and noodles on medium flame. after boiled well take it in a plate and drain water from it.
During this times, chopped tomato, cucumber, Green chilli, curry leafs, carrot and more vegetables as your taste. Chopped everything in small pieces.
Now put the pan on medium flame and add two table spoon refined oil and add masala. Stir it and add all chopped vegetables and stir its well. Add some mustard or green chilli sauce and Bake it for 4-5 minutes with continue stir.
After well baked add pasta and noodles in pan with vegetables mixture. Mix well and baked for 10-12 minutes. After well boiled take it in plate and garnish with coriander leafs, curry leafs and some chillies pieces.

Your Tasty delicious Pasta noodles are ready to serve... enjoy it. If you like this recipe kindly share and follow..... Thank you so much....